The work shown on this website is all porcelaneous stoneware, fired to cone 6.

Due to their extreme fragility, making the wall pieces has been very challenging. The methodology I have developed involves the following steps:

  • First I make a frame of extruded sections of clay, which creates the general shape of the piece and provides structural integrity. The frame is made on a kiln shelf to minimize the need to move it before firing.
  • Then I pour thin slabs of slip (liquid clay) onto large plaster bats. I use a slip which has some ball clay and paper pulp to increase green strength and workability.
  • When the slabs have firmed up enough to lift off the bat, I make them into shapes, often draping them over a balloon or other rounded thing for support.
  • At the leather-hard stage, I assemble the shapes on top of the frame, but do not join them together.
  • I let the piece dry thoroughly and then fire it to cone 6.
  • Then I disassemble the piece, apply glaze to each part separately, and fire it again to cone 04. In some cases, I use the glaze to attach the parts together, whereas in other cases I attach the parts together with high grade marine epoxy.
  • Sometimes I apply other media to the surface after firing, such as acrylic paint, epoxy paint and/or ink.